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The maps were produced in more than one series, and farm ownership could have changed over time. If your name is not listed, it is because it appears on an earlier version.  Unfortunately these are the only versions available.

ZOOMING MAPS: To view a map and zoom it so that farm boundaries and names become visible click the name of the map and click the + icon.

DOWNLOADING MAPS: By clicking the map download page button  you will be routed to the page where the maps for downloading  are displayed. Click on the map when it turns dark. Click on "view photos" when the expanded version appears. Click again to get the maps to scroll sideways. Once there, the down arrow on the left allows you to to download the file.  As names and farm boundaries are small and faint,  it is necessary once downloaded  to zoom in using an appropriate photo viewer. They are best viewed on a PC or tablet rather than a mobile. (If the download arrow does not appear try a different browser).

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