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In 1902 the Trans Nzoia and Uasin Gishu were described as teaming with wildlife.  They attracted President Theodore Roosevelt who spent several weeks hunting there, described it as a "beautiful country". . "Having crossed the Nzoia, River, our route led across a rolling country covered by a dense growth of tall grass , and open thorny scrub , while here and there in the shallow valleys or depressions, were swamps". Most of the game had disappeared by the 1970s as the Trans Nzoia was converted to agriculture. .  The gallery contains some pictures of topi, hartebeest and giraffe that persisted until 1973 in Endebess,  and the  mid 1980s in Soy, as well as some animals that can still be found today in Mt Elgon and Siwa Swamp  National Parks.  (Can anyone else add any??)

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Elgon Elephants Appeal

Kenya wildlife distribution maps 1963

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